Eurisko S.r.l. is an IT consulting company specialized in the implementation of ERP solutions, based on the SAP application, with specific competences in the Finance and Controlling areas.

It was established in 2002 in Ivrea, in the province of Turin, and subsequently enriched with a second operating office in Milan; nowadays, it covers the entire professional panorama required in managing a SAP project, counting about 40 employees with the following skills:

• Program Manager
• Project Manager
• Project Leader
• Senior Consultant
• Consultant

Professionals with strong motivations and deep knowledge of the product are able to lead, assist and collaborate in the success of a project, through the individual and group experiences that are consolidated by countless successes.

Our consultants combine the informatics interest to the knowledge in the economics and management dynamics of the specific business sector where they are addressed, and they are trained in order to assist the Customer in a revision and improvement process through the search of solutions able to guarantee the constant evolution of the system, establishing a partner relationship with the Customer, with the aim to reach a mutual growth. Our best advertising is in fact represented by the results obtained and the consequent grapevine.

Our greatest strength is teamwork. We assume great importance to the relationships between people, and working in team becomes easy if relationships are cared by everyone.